Bearberry Cotoneaster 'dammeri' 3D models - 3dsmax (V-Ray & Corona)

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Cotoneaster dammeri is a creeping ornamental shrub with evergreen foliage and decorative fruits. Bearberry makes a very attractive ground cover where low-growing vegetation is needed. As an arch-viz artist, this is a must have for Your asset library.

Best features:

● Prepared Forest Pack setup - You can quickly cover a large surface area of varying heights, just merge to Your scene, edit the spline area and render

● Ease of use - ready to merge max files with exported Vray and Corona proxies

● Included GrowFX version if You want to further edit the models

● For non 3ds max users - FBX and OBJ export

Bearberry 'Cotoneaster dammeri' package includes:

● 6 unique plant models - 3dsmax 2021 & 2018 files (V-Ray 6 & Corona)

● .max file with prepared Forest Pack setup

● .max file with GrowFx objects (optional)

● .max file with V-ray Proxy

● .max file with Corona Proxy

● FBX export

● OBJ export

● Textures

Plants are made with GrowFx plugin version 1.9.9 SP10 by Exlevel.

You will need the GrowFx plugin for the growfx editable version of plants which is optional and paid additionally.

Forest Pack plugin is a scattering tool made by itoo software:

Mesh face count:

● s1 - 211 K triangles

● s2 - 218 K triangles

● s3 - 282 K triangles

● m1 - 643 K triangles

● m2 - 696 K triangles

● b1 - 1.07 M triangles

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* Images of plants in 'real scenes' are for presentation purposes, the scenes are NOT part of the package, just bearberry plant models.

Terms of use:

Product may be used commercially.

Reselling, sharing is prohibited.

Product is owned and copyrighted by Mariusz Eligiusz Rawski and buyer has no title or ownership of the product just licensed to use it in a 3D application.

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6 unique Bearberry models with ForestPack setup

2021 & 2018
Vray & Corona
1.9.9 SP10

Bearberry Cotoneaster 'dammeri' 3D models - 3dsmax (V-Ray & Corona)

0 ratings
I want this!